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What can a Web developer do?

The role of a web developer changes depending on the individual project, but the main prerogative of a developer is to ensure the proper functioning of a website. This means that they focus on building and maintaining websites, working with both the client and consumer in mind. Developers ensure that the end design includes the products and services offered by the client, and provide users with access to these features. This includes numerous services, such as providing customers with a form to request additional information (i.e an end users email), provide a newsletter, or thank customers for their patronage.
Different types of developers work on different elements of the website.  For example, a back-end developer will focus on setting up the back end of a site, whilst a front-end developer focuses on making the website functional, visually appealing and client friendly. The Different Types of Web Developers: Front-End Developers - Front-End developers are fully versed in coding practices and languages and use this knowledge to develop the front end of a website. Whilst a web designer will focus on the way a website looks (style, formatting etc), a front end developer will focus on the implementation of the design, ensuring that the website not only looks appealing but also functions as intended. Back-End Developers - Back-End Developers focus on building and maintaining the technology required to power the website itself. Their work supplements the work of a Front-End developer, adding utility to the work created by the Front-End developer. Full Stack Developers - Full stack developers have a robust understanding of every part of the web development process and are knowledgeable with the server side as well as the client side’s user experience. As a result, they can provide clients with guidance and information on the best practices in web development for their clients. Their role is becoming increasingly more important in the modern day climate, as they are able to look at ‘the bigger picture’, providing clients with appropriate instruction on how to move forward.
You’re in good company.

You’re in good company.

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